Oculus Rift

Why I’m both fascinated and afraid of the Oculus Rift

  —   One could be led to believe that the fascination about Oculus Rift is putting on the glasses and immersing yourself in this colorful and lifelike reality. The most fascinating thing, however, is when you take off the glasses and discover that you have been off to someplace else, while real life remains unchanged. Read more

Windows flat

Top 10 Best Software Titles

  —   Finding the right name to trademark register is a difficult and complicated process. Many names are already taken, while others don’t illustrate the essence of the product adequately. This list, however, is for names that work extremely well. Names that are unique, maybe obvious – but which communicate exactly what they do. Read more

Dumb software names safari

Top 10 Software with Dumb Titles

  —   A lot of software has titles we know, but never think about at all. Some are so ingrained that they have become natural parts of our language, as in ‘googling’ information having a photo ‘photoshopped’. However, here's my top 10 list over software with names that maybe could use a revision. Read more

Commodore 64 graphics tutorial

How to make Commodore 64 graphics in Photoshop

  —   Trying to make your new pixel graphics looking the way they did back in the old Commodore 64 days? If SID music and games like IK+, Giana Sisters, Turrican or Creatures rings a bell, I'm sure you know just what I mean. Let's get on with it! Read more

TV effect tutorial

TV screen Photoshop tutorial

  —   This is a photoshop tutorial about how to make images and graphics look like they were photographed on a TV screen or monitor. When you take pictures of the TV screen, you often get very bad contrast, refreshing lines and odd color temperature. Read more

Liftoff new website

And… liftoff!

  —   Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s my brand new website – finally in the air! I have looked forward to this moment for long time. My new website has been underway for over a year. My experience tells me, making something for yourself takes at four times as longer than usual – if it ever gets finished. Read more