Gold-Smidt Assembly

Gold-Smidt Assembly  Website for mobile art gallery based in Copenhagen.

Wedding monogram C+W

Wiola + Christoffer  Monogram for my own wedding in 2015. Applied on several different mediums, from wax stamps to thank you letters.

Qvartz website

Qvartz  Digital rebranding, website design and development for international growing consulting agency. Commissioned at Re-public.

SOS International website

SOS International  Website and digital design for global assistance company. Project commissioned at Re-public.

DBA postman illustration
SOS icons

SOS International  Iconography as part of digital rebranding process. Project commissioned at Re-public.

DBA money illustration


TEC mobil website

TEC  Corporate website design for TEC (Technical Education Denmark). Commissioned at Re-public.

Grys Gryder Sammenskudsgildet website

Grys Gryder  Website for cookbook about potluck storytelling by author Gry from VoresVilla. Commissioned at Re-public.

DBA button illutration
DBA website

DBA  Digital rebranding, website design and development for online marketplace, formerly known as 'Den Blå Avis'. Commissioned and created with the team at Re-public.

Öbergen Bygg logo

Öbergen Bygg  Logo mark for construction/carpentry company in Sweden. Logo contains a house, first letter Ö and a smile.

Svensk villa herrgård
Uniq Dialog website

Uniq Dialog  Corporate website for swedish company in telemarketing, booking and helpline industry.


Køkkenöl  Illustrations for a danish magazine about beer homebrewing as well as graphics used for my (home)brewery Køkkenöl.

Kopenhagen Fur website-2

Kopenhagen Fur  Design of the digital platform for world's largest fur skin auction company. Comissioned at Re-public.

Smiling house
Hophead homebrewing

Køkkenöl  Illustration for a super hoppy beer 'Humlehævn' (hop-revenge) here at køkkenöl.

Køkkenöl logo


DBA illustration
Hartmanns website


PKA investerer

PKA A/S  Map of investments and ongoing construction projects by danish pension fund. Comissioned at Re-public.

Flat vegetable fruit

FoodPilot  Vegetable pictograms for nutrition and health advising agency.

William Gibson Neuromancer


Bilbasen app icon
Engelbrechts website

Engelbrechts  Digital platform for danish furniture company, serving private clients, retailers and architects. Commissioned at Re-public.

Love Letters

Love Letters 

Platon InSense

Platon  Logo mark for product suite 'InSense'. Comissioned at Re-public.

DBA illustration


Café Grannen

Inkonst  Re-design of visual identity and website development with 3D-renderings of logo rings.

Nubber images


Milla & Cornelius

Milla & Cornelius  Graduation project back in school about girls and video gaming. As a result of the research process I designed and programmed a platform-game about the girl Milla and her cat who must save 100 toucans.

Ladybug 3D
Dunlopillo DressUp

Dunlopillo  Logotype for Dunlopillo exchangable bed clothing.

Chris Hald
Klon2 rubber letters